Visiting SPCPA is the most beneficial way for students to learn about our school.

There are two ways to experience SPCPA.
Join us for one – or both! – to see if our school is a fit for your education.

Attend a PSE

Prospective Student Experience (PSE)

PSEs are informational sessions for prospective students and their family.  This group experience is a great way to get a feel for the climate and culture of our school by engaging with school staff and current students.

During a PSE, SPCPA’s Academic Director and the Artistic Director present information regarding the school and it’s programs followed by a Q&A, a panel discussion with current students, and a tour of our school. PSEs are designed for BOTH student and parent/guardian(s) to attend.


To schedule participation in a PSE, please contact

Nancy Galatowitsch
651-290-2225 #234

Shadow a Student

Shadowing sessions

See a school day through the eyes of a student by joining us for a shadowing day. Starting at 8:00am and ending at 3:30pm, shadowing is an opportunity to follow one of our students throughout the school day as they attend academic and arts courses.

Prospective students will be paired with an SPCPA student in the grade level they would be entering into, and the arts program that most interests them. Shadowing is intended only for the prospective student.

At the end of the the Shadow Day, parents/guardians are encouraged to join their student in the Lehr Theater for a short info/Q&A session (3:35PM – 4:05PM), to follow up on the student’s experience.


To schedule participation in a Shadow Day, please contact

Meg Anderson
651-290-2225 #301