Vocal Arts

SPCPA’s Department of Vocal Arts prepares students for top undergraduate vocal music degree programs with extensive exposure to music performance, interpretation, theory, and history. Each student will receive a more personalized education based on prior knowledge and ability. Students will be trained in classical vocal technique through study with industry professionals and participation in solo as well as ensemble singing with a rigorous curriculum. Student progress is highlighted by numerous publicly attended concerts throughout the year.

To see the four year plan of coursework for the Vocal Arts track, please CLICK HERE.

Vocal Arts Faculty

Ilah Raleigh Vocal Arts Department Chair raleighi@spcpa.org
Paul Coate Vocal Arts coatep@spcpa.org
Deanna Davis Vocal Arts davisd@spcpa.org
Erik Peregrine Vocal Arts peregrinee@spcpa.org
Ashley Sievers Vocal Arts sieversa@spcpa.org


Vocal Arts Handbook

CLICK HERE to view the Vocal Arts Handbook in PDF format.

Vocal Arts Syllabus

CLICK HERE to view our Vocal Arts Syllabus in PDF format.

Vocal Arts Rubrics

CLICK HERE for the performance rubric.

CLICK HERE for the presentation rubric.

Vocal Arts Events

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A Call to All Costumers

If you or someone you know is a costumer or has access to costumes, or if you are interested in helping to alter costumes and other performance attire, please contact Ms. Raleigh at  raleighi@spcpa.org.