The Dance Department offers students a rigorous, versatile training geared toward the serious aspiring dance artist. Students are guided in their education by working artists who help them realize their potential technically, artistically, and intellectually. The Conservatory’s training is modeled on college-level B.F.A. dance programs and, as such, successful graduates of the Conservatory’s Dance Department transition easily into arts programs at post-secondary institutions. Dance students prescribe to a practice of self-discipline and artistry, and maintain the highest respect for themselves, their peers, their instructors, and their art.

The curriculum is designed to create versatile dancers by training all students each semester in both ballet and modern dance. Supporting classes include both Jazz and Hip-Hop, which are offered for most students every other semester. All students across all grade levels will also take a Repertory class, in which students learn choreography and develop performance skills. Students in grades 10-12 will also take the semester-long class, Choreolab, in which they will learn how to make a dance piece.  On Fridays, World Dance forms are studied to develop a global understanding of dance. Students will also take Dance Studies each year, which includes units on dance history, dance writing, anatomy, and nutrition. Dance Studies allows students to develop a scholarly and articulate understanding of dance and its role in culture and society.


Dance Faculty

Sam Johnson Dance Department Chair
Lisa Berman Dance
Bruce DeMorrow Dance
Alex Eady Dance
Penelope Freeh Dance
Timothy Herian Dance
Joseph James Dance
Judith James Ries Dance
Jill Lile Dance
Whitney McClusky Dance
Laura Osterhaus Dance
Jennifer Pray Dance
Laura Selle Virtucio Dance
Scott Stafford Dance
Darrius Strong Dance
Joseph Tran Dance

Dance Program Handbook

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Dance Events

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