Advanced Courses

Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists provides advanced courses to students seeking more rigorous academic expectations and opportunities for learning.

The structure, content, processes, and assessments associated with advanced courses combine with inspired instruction and academically motivated students to create a dynamic, interactive environment that fosters greater intellectual development.

Advanced courses show students how to discover, develop, evaluate, argue, test, compare, and apply content knowledge. Students in advanced courses must display high-quality academic performance as they continually engage in robust, challenging, and enriching experiences.

From "Honors" to "Advanced"

Families may recognize that the courses previously titled “Honors” have been renamed as “Advanced” courses. The title change does not impact the quality or rigor associated with the course. This change is not associated with the National Honors Society, which does not have a say in curriculum or course titles.

The word “honor” is defined as privilege or high respect while “advanced” is defined as being ahead in development. We honor and respect all of our students, and respect the varying stages of development in specific content areas.

Using “advanced” in the title more accurately represents the difference between an on-level course and its more rigorous counterpart.

To see our upcoming advanced courses, view our 17-18 Academic Course Guide.