SPCPA Board of Directors

ChairMichael Robins Community Member robinsm [at] spcpa.org
Vice Chair: Kelly Rodieck Community Member rodieckk [at] spcpa.org
Treasurer: Steve Cardamone Community Member cardamones [at] spcpa.org
Secretary: Shawn Judge Community Member judges [at] spcpa.org
Troy Janisch Parent Member janischt [at] spcpa.org
William Pentelovitch Parent Member pentelovitchw [at] spcpa.org 
Jacie Knight Community Member
knightj [at] spcpa.org
Stephen Dymond Faculty Member
dymonds [at] spcpa.org
Ilah Raleigh Faculty Member
raleighi [at] spcpa.org
Ex-Officio: Callie Jacobs Superintendent/Director of School jacobsc [at] spcpa.org
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The next Regular Business Meeting will take place on
Monday January 29, 2018 at 5:30pm in the Lehr Theatre
The school invites stakeholders to attend any open Board of Directors Regular Business meetings.

The agenda will be available three days prior to
the Board meeting and can be found here.

Hard copies of the agenda are available in the school office.

Meeting Agendas

A copy of the agenda will be available for download on this page three days prior to the meeting.  Hard copies will also be made available in the school office.

Meeting Minutes

Board minutes from previous meetings can be found here.

Minutes from previous years are available
upon request through the main office.

Board meetings for 2018 are currently scheduled for:

  • January 29
  • March 26
  • April 16
  • May 14
  • June 25
  • September 17
  • October 22
  • November 12

All meetings are open to the public and begin at 5:30 pm unless otherwise specified


Executive & Finance Committee
Michael Robins, Chair

Kelly Rodieck
Steve Cardamone
Callie Jacobs
SPCPA Foundation Representatives
Michael Robins
Kelly Rodieck


SPCPA Bylaws


SPCPA Policies

Annual Reports

SPCPA 16-17 Annual Report and WBWF